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Navigate your way through the world of crypto taxes with Clinton Donnelly in the press. From prominent crypto blogs and news sources to influencer podcasts and YouTube channels, Clinton Donnelly tells all.


Never miss a YouTube crypto tax interview update with the crypto tax fixer, Clinton Donnelly, founder of and



The Crypto Tax Fixer, Clinton Donnelly, is a crypto tax influencer, surely seen in the press!  


If you own crypto and are trying to put your finger on the man with a plan when it comes to protecting yourself from the latest IRS regulations, Clinton Donnelly is the crypto tax expert on everyone's radar.


Today, we will explain why you will want to keep abreast of his latest interviews, podcasts, and news features and where you can find his latest and greatest crypto tax press updates.  


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Articles In The News Featuring Or Published By Clinton Donnelly, The Crypto Tax Fixer 


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Speaking Engagements By Clinton Donnelly


Nomad Cruise IV

– Doing Business in the US

– US Income Taxes for Nomads


Nomad City 18

Nomad Team Member Page

International Living


Authorship By Clinton Donnelly


Author of several books on cryptocurrency taxation




  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Avoiding IRS Audits
  • Expat Tax Overview


Certifications Held By Clinton Donnelly


  • Law degree specializing in International Financial Regulation
  • Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS
  • Certified Tax Problem Solver (American Society of Tax Problem Solvers)

Who Is Clinton Donnelly, The Crypto Tax Fixer?


Clinton Donnelly is an Enrolled Agent with an advanced law degree in international financial planning, including taxation. He is registered certified by the IRS to represent taxpayers worldwide, and that is what he does. 


Clinton's firm, Donnelly Tax Law, does tax return preparation using what Clinton calls a Bulletproof methodology to protect you from the IRS audits.  


His firm provides this direct-to-client white-glove service for large traders and crypto whales. He can also defend crypto owners from IRS audits.


Starting in 2018, Clinton Donnelly began to specialize in cryptocurrency tax returns, and at this point, his entire business is specialized in crypto.


Clinton Donnelly specializes in US income tax preparation and problem-solving for Americans living with assets abroad and crypto traders. His distinct skill set addresses the unique anti-money laundering and tax reporting needs of such taxpayers. 


In addition, he is an Enrolled Agent with a law degree specializing in the international laws of financial regulation, including taxation.


Clinton is the author of four books on crypto tax and is known as the Crypto Tax Fixer. 


He has pioneered the concept of a bulletproof tax return


His firm serves American taxpayers worldwide in 65 different countries.  


Clinton has filed over 1,200 tax amnesty returns with a 100% success rate. 


In addition, he has helped over 1,150 medium to large crypto traders with reporting cryptocurrencies on their taxes.


Annually, Donnelly Tax Law handles approximately 500 - 1000 complex crypto tax returns.


How Can Clinton Donnelly Defend Me Against At IRS Audit?


Clinton Donnelly has 19 clients who have come to him to help defend from an IRS audit of their cryptocurrencies. 


Donnelly Tax Law goes beyond preparing a return to anticipating how the IRS will select returns to examine for crypto traders. Instead, we include the anti-money laundering reports, other advanced techniques to avoid audits and examinations and provide CryptoTaxAudit membership.


Tell Me About The Membership That Clinton Donnelly Founded To Help Protect Me Against A Crypto Tax Audit?  


Clinton Donnelly is also the founder of a cutting-edge membership site called


CryptoTaxAudit provides the most advanced tools available to protect yourself. From early audit warnings and IRS account statements to pre-paid audit defense and courses to do your crypto tax return, we've got your back!


Every American crypto owner should know about this membership site.


Clinton created this service to help as many people as possible, offering the IRS protection and the same bulletproof methodology he uses with his whale clients at Donnelly Tax Law. 


When you become a member of, you receive access to a course Clinton Donnelly has created showing how to prepare a crypto tax return using a compelling IRS free file software that is free—generating a return with the same techniques that he uses for whale clients, paying thousands of dollars through Donnelly Tax Law. 


When you're done with your return, we offer you a service where you can get a half-hour call with one of our tax preparers, and they will review your tax return with you.


There's a lot of things Clinton Donnelly is excited to talk about when it comes to taxes. 


There are many things happening in the crypto tax space, some of which are very positive. 


Thank you for tuning in to follow Clinton Donnelly in the press. 

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