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Crypto Tax Video: Bitcoin And Crypto Tax Talk With Top Crypto Experts

bitcoin taxes crypto tax audit crypto tax return crypto tax video crypto taxes May 21, 2021


Watch the full AMA with Top Crypto Experts Above👆🏻

In this crypto tax video, Clinton Donnelly founder of CryptoTaxAudit is joined by co-founder of Accointing, Kyle Zhang to help you understand the implications of crypto trading and taxes. The US tax deadline was this Monday (the 17th of May), and for all those crypto traders with complex crypto tax returns who have not yet filed it is more important than ever to understand how to file your crypto taxes. 

1. Crypto Tax Video Topic 1: Importing Data 

  • Importing data via direct connect
  • Importing data via API
  • Importing data via address
  • Importing data via exchange/wallet CSV
  • Importing data via Manual Template
  • Importing data entry by entry

2. Crypto Tax Video Topic 2: Reviewing Your Data

  • How can I review missing currencies and internal transactions? 
  • How do I classify transactions accordingly?
  • What are the different types of classifications? 
  • How do I track and classify coins that have been held for 2 – 5 years? 

3. Crypto Tax Video Topic 3: Portfolio Performance 

  • How can I see how my portfolio is performing? 
  • What are the tax implications of realized vs. unrealized gains?  

4. Crypto Tax Video Topic 4: Generating A Tax Report

  • How do I generate a tax report with Accointing
  • Why are the correct tax settings and disposal methods so important?
  • Do you mind giving us an overview of different tax methods and how the holding period plays a role in your taxes? 

5. How Do I File My Taxes?

  • By yourself: Free Do Your Own Bulletproof Crypto Tax Return Course
  • With An Expert:  Since 2018, we have specialized in calculating crypto gains and preparing complex tax returns for very large traders. 

We recommend at CryptoTaxAudit,  where we teach people how to prepare their tax returns to report their cryptocurrencies.




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