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How can I add or change the services I receive?

Can you help me understand the services listed on my CryptoTaxAudit invoice?

Does CryptoTaxAudit keep my data secure and confidential?

Audit Defense.

Can you help me if the IRS letter I received isn't about crypto?

What is excluded from my Audit Defense membership?

How to I get started with Audit Defense?

What years are covered by Audit Defense membership?

Do all Audit Defense membership plans defend me in an IRS audit?

Will having an Audit Defense membership make me more likely to be audited?

What if I wait to purchase Audit Defense until after I receive an IRS audit letter?

Should I wait to purchase an Audit Defense membership until after my tax return is filed?

What happens after I purchase an Audit Defense membership?

Crypto Analysis.

Can you help me fix past tax returns where my crypto gains were not correctly reported?

How do I report crypto income from staking, liquidity pools, yield farming, and gaming income?

Can you help with my crypto gain calculation even if my accountant doesn't know much about cryptos?

Why is the crypto gain calculation service I'm using generating the wrong, or different, results?

Can you calculate my crypto gains, even if I have NFTs, DeFi, and other complex crypto investments?

Crypto Taxes.

Can you help me file my taxes even if I haven't filed for the last year or two?

How much crypto income do I need to make before I have to report it on my tax return?

Can I schedule a private consultation directly with Clinton Donnelly, the Crypto Tax Fixer?

Can you help me get back into IRS compliance after not filing, or not correctly filing, for the last year or more?

How do I sign up as a new tax preparation client?

How does owning crypto affect my tax liability?

Can the IRS track my cryptos even if I bought my bitcoin privately?

IRS Audits.

Can you defend me if I'm being audited by the IRS?

How far back in time can the IRS go to audit me?

Is receiving an IRS CP2000 Notice considered the start of an audit?

What is the difference between an IRS audit and an IRS examination?

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