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If you notice any issues in your IRS monthly summary report or receive an audit flag alert, you have a limited amount of time to act. We offer members private consultations to help you understand what the issues mean, what your options are, and how to respond in a timely manner. Protect your rights by taking prompt action today.

Book a private 25-minute consultation with a crypto tax expert for $150.

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Services we offer.

Initial risk review session

We offer an initial private consultation to help you maximize your membership by assessing your tax risks once you receive your initial IRS summary report.

Audit alert consultation

If we detect an audit flag on your account, schedule a private consultation to discuss your options. Since time is of the essence when receiving an audit alert, we recommend that you take action promptly once you have been alerted to a potential IRS audit.

Account status support

If there’s something unusual on your monthly account summary, schedule a private consultation to discuss it. We'll discuss the importance of the issue, and if needed, discuss with you the work required to resolve the issue.

Other consultations

If you need to discuss other matters, such as an IRS debt, an installment payment agreement, or requesting a hidden refund, we'll meet with you on a complimentary basis and then quote the cost to assist you.

What are clients saying?

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the help CryptoTaxAudit provided. I don’t know how I would have my crypto gains figured out and a return filed in time without your support.

John A.

We received a letter from the IRS yesterday resolving the discrepancy that we had… they accepted the amended return that your office submitted for us. Now the IRS owes us a refund.

Bruce N.

I am beyond grateful that I heard about your company prior to a rather annoying and frightening experience we had with the IRS. Thank you for helping us resolve our issue promptly and professionally.

Nancy B.

Audit Defense. I wouldn't be without this protective service!

Joel C.

I feel such a relief there is someone out there that is knowledgeable and understands the industry. I am extremely grateful to the team at CryptoTax Audit.

Gabriel S.

The IRS received data from a third party firm which implied that I earned more money than I did. I am very relieved to say that not only did CryptoTaxAudit succeed in getting the IRS to accept my amended tax return, but I ended up getting a refund.

Bin T.

I hadn't filed my tax returns, or paid my tax due, in several years. The team created a plan to bring me current with the IRS, helped me with my crypto gain reporting, and set up an installment plan on my behalf so I could pay my back taxes over time.

Marc A.

What are clients saying?

Want free consultations?

The advisory services listed above are included for no additional cost in our upgraded membership plans. If you prefer to receive these benefits on a complimentary basis, view our latest plans to select the one that best fits your needs and your budget.

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Clinton Donnelly private consultation.

Clinton Donnelly, LLM, Enrolled Agent, President, and Founder of CryptoTaxAudit is available for private consultations to discuss any crypto tax or audit defense matter. Known as the "Crypto Tax Fixer", Clinton is highly effective at protecting crypto holders from the IRS and defending your rights in the process.

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