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Audit Defense Full Protection - Monthly

You have selected Audit Defense Full Protection for active crypto traders and investors.

• Monthly Membership Option
You have selected the monthly membership option. Click here if you prefer to make yearly payments of $2,795, a savings of 6.5% off the monthly rate.

• No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee
You have 90 calendar days to experience Audit Defense. During this period, you can cancel at any time with no strings attached, no forms to fill out, and nothing to prove. After the guarantee period, you can cancel your membership anytime, ending any future automatic payments.

Your Defense Benefits

As an Audit Defense Full Protection plan member, you receive exclusive defensive benefits in the event of an IRS audit, benefits that are unavailable in any other Audit Defense plan. These benefits save you tens of thousands of dollars if you are selected for an audit:

• IRS forensic analysis
Our forensic accountants scrutinize the IRS’ crypto calculations for errors we can dispute.

• Courtroom expert witness
Our crypto tax expert witness testifies against the IRS’ claims in tax court.

• Crypto gain recalculation
Our crypto analysts recalculate your crypto gains for tax years under audit to ensure their defensibility.

• Tax return amendment
We file amended returns for the years under audit that benefit you.

Your Representation Benefits

These benefits provide representation during audits, appeals, and in tax court. These benefits save you thousands of dollars in IRS professional representation fees:

• IRS audit representation
Whether the examination is done by mail/fax or an auditor is assigned, we assess the situation, prepare and submit the response, talk to the IRS (so you don’t have to), defend your rights, and escalate to management or appeals.

• IRS appeals challenge
Once the auditor finalizes his report, we challenge his findings before the IRS Office of Appeals to get you a better result.

• Tax court legal defense
If tax court is preferable to appeals resolution, our attorneys will discuss your case with IRS lawyers, draft motions and documents, and litigate the case.

• Tax debt assistance
If you have too much debt, we use IRS programs to create a monthly payment plan, designate your debt as uncollectible, appeal IRS collection actions, or propose an Offer-in-Compromise to settle your debt for less.

• Taxpayer advocacy
If your tax problem is getting lost in the IRS bureaucracy, we escalate the problem to the Taxpayer Advocate's office and negotiate to fix the problem.

Your Advisory Benefits

These benefits provide complimentary advice in key circumstances. These benefits save you hundreds of dollars in advisory consultation fees:

• Initial risk review session
We offer an initial private consultation to help you maximize your membership by assessing your tax risks.

• Audit alert consultation
If we detect an audit flag on your account, we’ll meet with you to discuss your options.

• Account status support
If there’s something unusual on your monthly account summary, we’ll meet with you to discuss it.

Your Monitoring Benefits

These core benefits keep you aware and informed. Don't be surprised by the IRS:

• Audit flag monitoring
We monitor your IRS account weekly for audit flags and alert you often one to six months before an auditor contacts you.

• Account status updates
We provide a monthly summary report of your IRS account compliance status.

• Spouse coverage
We protect your current spouse for no additional cost if you report as married filing jointly.

The Onboarding Process

Once your checkout is complete, you’ll receive an email with the onboarding steps within 24 hours. You’ll be asked to:

  • Review and agree to the membership term and conditions
  • Complete the IRS 2848 authorization allowing CryptoTaxAudit to represent you
  • Validate your social security number with a copy of your Social Security card, a pay stub, a W-2 form, or a tax document
  • Verify your identity with a valid ID

When you receive our email confirmation, respond promptly so we can get to work for you right away.

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