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Welcome to The Clinton Donnelly Show, where Clinton shares real world strategies, time tested tactics, and expert discussions with influencers about cryptos, taxes, audits, and the regulatory framework that’s evolving around cryptos.

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Time to Increase the Capital Loss Limitation

Clinton explores the topic of whether the current tax break limit for capital losses should be changed.

How to Reduce You Taxes by Reporting Crypto Thefts

Clinton discusses how cryptocurrency theft losses (thefts, rug pulls, and scams) can be claimed to reduce tax bills.

Amnesty Needed for Crypto Traders

Clinton discusses the issue of tax non-compliance among US crypto investors.

Which Crypto Tax Calculation Service is Most Accurate?

Clinton compares the accuracy of various crypto tax calculation services, including Accointing,, CoinTracking, CoinTracker, CoinLedger, CoinPanda, CryptoTaxCalculator, Node40, Ledgible, TaxBit, TokenTax.

Crypto Tax AMA

This live-streamed AMA video aired on March 14, 2023. Hosted by Meta Mona, Clinton Donnelly answers the top questions this tax season.

IRS Enforcement Methods on Crypto Investors

Clinton discusses the IRS enforcement methods used for crypto investors, who are seen as wealthier taxpayers.

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