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At CryptoTaxAudit, we're proud to be digital asset tax experts, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet all your crypto tax needs. Our team of skilled professionals, including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Forensic Accountants, and Crypto Analysts, is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to help you achieve compliance, develop smart tax strategies, and receive competent representation before the IRS.

Services we offer.

Tax preparation

Our tax preparation services cater to individuals and businesses engaged in digital assets. Using our bulletproof crypto tax return methodology, we ensure accurate and efficient tax filing.

Crypto calculation

Our expert team employs advanced tools and techniques to calculate digital asset gains and analyze various digital asset incomes, including NFTs, DeFi, Play2Earn, and high-frequency trades.

Audit defense

Facing an IRS audit for your crypto calculations? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our expert defense services protect your interests throughout the process.

Advisory consulting

Stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape of cryptos and digital assets with our CPAs and Enrolled Agents, who offer proven strategies and expert tax advice.

Tax amnesty

If you need to file for tax amnesty, our assistance will help you avoid significant IRS penalties and create payment plans to ensure compliance with the IRS.

IRS representation

Navigating IRS examination and audit letters can be overwhelming. Our team assists crypto traders in resolving tax problems and utilizing IRS programs to achieve compliance.

Wallet risk assessment

Our crypto experts can analyze your wallet addresses on various blockchains to identify potential risks and assess your coin history. We can even help you ethically resolve these issues.

Success stories

Hidden refund claimed

Christopher was mailed a refund check of $43,000 but never received it. He forgot about it because the IRS never reminds taxpayers of refunds. We found this hidden refund while reviewing Christopher’s IRS account transcripts and promptly claimed it for him.

Bitcoin installment plan

We created an installment payment plan for Neil who had $109,000 in debt. This allowed him to defer selling his Bitcoin until later when prices went back up. He also didn’t have to disclose his crypto holdings to the IRS, keeping his crypto portfolio private.

Expert crypto calculation

Mason, an active crypto trader, hired a company to calculate his taxable gains. After months of waiting, they told him that he needed to pay an additional $30,000 with only two weeks left to file. After gouging him in his moment of need, we’re now preparing his tax returns and crypto gains for a predictable fee and we’re building a long-term relationship.

What are your options?

Very few tax professionals understand digital assets and how to report crypto income properly. What are your options?

Self preparation

Our free tax preparation course is available to members to help them file an effective crypto tax return.

  • You’ll save money by doing it yourself.

  • You won't get professional help.

Tax professional

We recommend providing your own crypto gain reports to your tax preparer to help them file your tax return properly.

  • A tax professional will prepare your return.

  • You’ll need to calculate your crypto gains.


We specialize in calculating crypto gains and preparing complex tax returns for crypto traders and investors. Our bulletproof crypto tax return methodology ensures accurate filings.

  • You’ll get crypto tax experts on your side.

  • You’ll invest more but it'll get it done right.


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