Not your ordinary dark theme; this color palette makes a powerful statement. These colors work harmoniously to convey sophistication, security, elegance, wisdom, wealth, trust, loyalty, logic, optimism, warmth, innovation, and friendliness. This reflects our brand's mission to not only be a leading authority in our field but to more importantly help and defend others.

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plans - Full Protection
plans - Shared Risk
plans - Monitoring Only
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Raleway is an elegant, modern, and stylish sans-serif typeface that has a "geometric" touch and feel to the individual characters. More than simply choosing a beautiful font; typography makes a huge impact on the overall voice of our brand. Typefaces and fonts affect not only the visual design but also the user experience as a whole. Typography will establish a strong visual hierarchy, making content pleasant to read, allowing information to be easily comprehended, and ultimately persuading people to trust us.

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Components are reusable elements. We can define the styes one time, and create instances of the component to be used across the site. We can create identical instances, or modify an instance's various properties (such as a button's text, color, or size). Components are highly efficient; we can update one of the component's properties (such as the color) and the update will reflect across all instances of the component. Components also allow lots of flexibility for when we need to modify a certain property for a specific use case.