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An Audit Defense level membership provides you with representation before the IRS to defend your crypto income reporting on any individual tax return the IRS can audit.

These exclusive benefits are only available to our Audit Defense members, who have access to our exclusive representation for the lifetime of their membership.

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Crypto Income Report

Scope of Offering: CryptoTaxAudit (hereafter We, Us, or Our) will calculate your income from centralized crypto activities, otherwise known and Centralized Finance (CeFi). This includes centralized exchanges, over the counter trades, blockchain swaps (i.e. Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc.,), among others. This does not include calculating income derived from complex Decentralized Finance (DeFi) activities (i.e. liquidity pools, borrowing/lending protocols, etc.,). Please see our Defi Tax Benchmark product offering for more information on how we can support your complex DeFi needs.

Supported Exchanges and Blockchains: We support most exchanges and blockchains where transaction data and history can be provided.

Our Responsibilities: CryptoTaxAudit’s responsibilities consist of:

  1. After the offer is purchased, we will send you a secure questionnaire to answer some basic questions regarding your crypto activity. One of our Crypto Specialists will reach out to you to begin gathering your crypto data. 
  2. Protect your data on a secure, encrypted file system offered by Citrix ShareFile. 
  3. Provide a complimentary phone call to review your crypto data and activity.
  4. Prepare a report summarizing the income and gain results using three methods: FIFO, HIFO, and LIFO.
  5. Provide you with reports that can be used for filing your tax return, as well as analyzing your crypto activity.
  6. Provide instructions for filing your crypto activity on Form 8949/Schedule D, Schedule 1 (Other Income), Form 8938 and the FBAR.
  7. Provide Form 8275 disclosure statement on crypto tax positions.
  8. Provide the customer a secure link to access the Crypto Income Report results, documents, and filing instructions.
  9. Provide the opportunity for a phone consultation to discuss how to review and understand your results (Available for an additional fee).

Your Responsibilities: You must:

  1. Thoroughly complete the secure questionnaire regarding your crypto activity. 
  2. Provide us with all of the relevant crypto data requested. Any transaction histories must be provided to us in excel/CSV format.
  3. Acknowledge that there may be discrepancies when all requested data is not or cannot be provided due to reasonable circumstances (e.g., you no longer have access to a foreign exchange to obtain the transaction history). 

Note: Re-running results to include additional information could result in additional labor charges.

Deliverables: The report will be provided to you in a .pdf file delivered by a link to our secure file system unless you request it to be sent as an email attachment. The report will provide instructions on how to interpret the results and enter them into your tax return. It will provide the results for each type of blockchain address. You will also receive a link to discuss the results with one of our crypto analysts (Available for an additional fee).

Completion Criteria: Our services are complete when we have emailed you the link to your report.

Estimated Schedule: Due to the current demand of our CeFi services, our expected completion time frame is 6 to 8 weeks after all your crypto data has been gathered and provided to us.

Payment: The Crypto Income Report cost is $3,450 which includes 12 hours of analyst time. This typically is enough time for processing and completing the gains calculation. Additional labor is charged at $120 per hour. 

 Available for tax year 2021


If you have any questions, please email us at: [email protected]