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Defend Yourself From The IRS

CryptoTaxAudit provides the most advanced tools available to protect yourself. From early audit warnings and IRS account statements to pre-paid audit defense and courses to do your own crypto tax return, we've got your back!

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Bulletproof Your Tax Return

  • Upgrade your tax return to a higher level – make it bulletproof
  • Report all income, losses, scams, and anti-money laundering forms
  • Do it yourself or get it professionally prepared
Full Service Tax Preparation
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Memberships Designed to Alert You

  • Early warning alert of a future IRS audit
  • Receive your IRS wage and income transcripts
  • Prepaid defense of crypto reporting in IRS audit
See which of our membership levels is the best defense for you.
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Tools for Defending Your Wealth

  • Expert help to defend against an IRS audit
  • Claim hidden refunds
  • Advanced options to pay back taxes to the IRS
Protect your wealth with these additional services.
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Build Skills with Online Courses

  • Masterclass on preparing your own bulletproof crypto tax return
  • Masterclass on tax minimization strategies (coming soon!)
  • New courses being rolled out all year
Get educated and equipped with our cutting-edge online courses.
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