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Tax Preparation Services 

What makes our tax preparation services unique? Everything we do is focused on how to defend you in an audit. We call this a bulletproof tax return.

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Bulletproof Return:
The Tax Return Method That Can Save You Thousands

At CryptoTaxAudit, we prepare tax returns for people with a high risk of being audited by the IRS, particularly returns reporting digital asset income, foreign company ownership, and foreign asset investing.

We call our methodology a “bulletproof return.” A bulletproof return is the type of return that is optimized to save you money while being fully compliant to ensure it can withstand any IRS audit. Filing a bulletproof return reduces your risk of audit significantly. We have helped thousands of clients optimize their tax situation and remain fully compliant with tax authorities.

Tax Preparation Services 

Isometric view of a blockchain trading platform interface featuring cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with tablets displaying dynamic charts and data analytics.

Struggling with the intricacies of calculating your crypto gains for tax? We turn complexity into clarity. Our services address the challenges of crypto transactions, capital gains tax, and the intricacies of digital assets in the crypto space.

Illustration for CryptoTaxAudit featuring a mobile phone displaying financial graphs and documents, with an abstract calculator and bar charts on the foreground, symbolizing the calculation and analysis of cryptocurrency transactions for tax purposes

We have a proven methodology for crypto gain calculation. We offer full-service crypto gain calculation. 

We do all the calculations and review the results with you. We are so confident of our gain calculation expertise that we offer fixed prices upfront so you won't pay cost overruns.

Nothing is too complex whether you are a high-frequency trader, degen, DeFi, or NFT investors. We have handled clients with over 5 million trades per year, 75 wallets doing DeFi protocols, scams, rug pulls, and thefts; we can handle it all.

Perhaps you haven't reported prior years correctly; let us calculate your multi-year results and build a strategy for increasing your tax compliance.

In addition to reporting all the usual information, some things we do differently include:

  •  Reporting all digital asset income, including complex protocols involving rebasing, liquidity pools, wrapping, staking, nodes as a service, and more.
  •  Add a disclosure statement explaining the treatment of digital asset income. This disclosure avoids a 20-40% penalty during an audit. It even reduces the chance of an audit altogether.
  •  File the two anti-money laundering forms required to report dealings with non-U.S. financial institutions. No tax is associated with these forms, but failure to file them when required causes penalties starting at $10,000 and can prolong the statute of limitation protections against being audited.

Filing a tax return is more than submitting annual paperwork to the government; it is about defending your wealth from an IRS that Congress wants to be significantly more aggressive about pursuing investors.

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