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We specialize in helping crypto investors calculate their taxable gains and taxable income, no matter the complexity. 

Calculating your crypto gains can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Many crypto investors generate high transaction volumes, transfer crypto assets between exchanges and wallets, and use many centralized or decentralized exchanges and different dapps. Many tools are available, each of which can produce wildly different outcomes. And, we still need clarity on tax laws for many crypto activities, such as liquidity pools and staking. All these factors lead to uncertainty as to whether you are reporting your crypto gains correctly or if you may be overpaying on your tax bill.

Our seasoned crypto accountants and tax professionals can help you navigate these complexities, ensuring you report the correct amounts and fully comply with all tax requirements.

Expert Crypto Gain Calculation Service

Navigating the Complexities of Crypto Taxation with Precision

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Do you need help with the challenges of calculating your crypto gains to report your taxes accurately? Do you need help with the complexities and error messages from using crypto tax DIY tools? Do you need help reporting your activities on DeFi, such as liquid staking, yield farming, or providing liquidity on Uniswap?

Do not overpay on your crypto taxes!

Due to the complexities in calculating your crypto gains combined with the many different tools available, each producing different outcomes, it is very common for many taxpayers to overpay significantly on their crypto taxes. Being a successful investor in cryptocurrency is difficult enough without having to worry about the IRS taking a more significant cut than what you legally owe. Refrain from letting accounting errors and complexity in tax reporting dilute your crypto portfolio. Our expert team in crypto accounting and tax can bring you the peace of mind you seek by ensuring you are fully compliant without overpaying your tax bill.

Why Choose Crypto Tax Audit?

  • Our CPAs and crypto accountants have worked through hundreds of portfolios and seen every scenario. With more experience than anyone else in the industry, no crypto investor or trader is too complex for our team.
  • We work with every type of crypto investor. Whether you are a long-term hodler, a Bitcoin miner, a high-frequency crypto trader, or a crypto degen navigating multiple DeFi platforms, we tailor our approach to your needs.
  • We are the number one firm defending taxpayers in crypto tax IRS audits and have an excellent track record in Tax Court. In the case of an audit, you can rest assured that we will stand by your side and advocate for your rights.


Transform Your Crypto Tax Experience

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through your crypto taxes? Do you tend to procrastinate only to report an amount you are unsure about at the last minute? Let us help. Our expert team at CryptoTaxAudit can do all the heavy lifting for you. File your taxes confidently with the peace of mind of knowing your crypto gains are calculated with expert precision.

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