A brief company history.

CryptoTaxAudit was founded by Clinton Donnelly, the crypto tax fixer. He created the company to serve crypto traders and investors to properly file their U.S. taxes and receive the representation they deserve. It’s the missing link in a perfect crypto tax strategy.

For years, finding qualified tax preparers and attorneys who want to take on crypto clients has been rare. Finding those who were qualified to represent and defend crypto traders against the IRS was nearly impossible. That is, until CryptoTaxAudit.

CryptoTaxAudit has a team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Forensic Accountants, and Crypto Analysts that can tackle even the toughest crypto tax problems. The team works with crypto owners every day to defend their rights and minimize their crypto taxes, legally. No other company has the breadth and depth of experience in cryptos, taxes, audits, and IRS representation. And no other tax firm is singularly focused on crypto.

Today, we are at war. The war on crypto, as in all wars, starts with a strong defense. CryptoTaxAudit is the only company that focuses primarily on defending its clients against the IRS during crypto audits. In addition, the company provides all the tax expertise you need as a crypto trader or investor.

Finally, CryptoTaxAudit is all about service. We connect with all our clients live, not just by email. We build relationships, not just engagements. Furthermore, our clients include many of the most influential and successful crypto traders in the world. And we would love to represent you too.


Introducing Clinton Donnelly.

Clinton Donnelly sitting at a desk smiling

Clinton Donnelly, LLM, EA, is the president and founder of CryptoTaxAudit. Clinton holds an advanced law degree in international financial planning including taxation and is an Enrolled Agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner. He also holds a Certified Cryptoasset Anti-Financial Crime Specialist certification awarded by ACAMS, the international anti-money laundering training organization. Clinton is regularly engaged in several ongoing IRS crypto tax audits, often resulting in significant tax refunds for his clients.

Clinton hosts a weekly podcast called The Clinton Donnelly Show where he shares real world strategies, time tested tactics, and expert discussions with influencers about cryptos, taxes, audits, and the regulatory framework that’s evolving around cryptos. He is also a popular guest on various podcasts and is often quoted in the media.

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Meet the team.

The company brings together the best and brightest in the crypto and tax worlds to create a unique company, CryptoTaxAudit. Team members are located in the United States and throughout the world allowing them to serve our clients no matter where they live.

Sarah DePino
Director of Tax
Ben Weber
Crypto Analytics Manager
Kent Bowen
Client Services Manager
Marc Carignan
Director of Marketing
Mary David
Manager of Tax
Marty Byrne
Communications Specialist
Elisa Arcayan
Crypto Analyst & Reviewer
Cory Gashi
Crypto Analyst
Kimberly Virgineza
Crypto Analyst
Khate Virgineza
Crypto Analyst
Ira Sogani
Crypto Tax Accountant

In total, the company has more than 20 experienced crypto, tax, and audit experts to resolve any tax problem, file complex crypto returns, and defend its members in the event of an IRS audit. And, we keep growing.

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