A brief company history.

CryptoTaxAudit is a full-service tax preparation, crypto calculation, and audit defense company. The company was founded by Clinton Donnelly, who currently serves as its president. Clinton has assembled an experienced team of crypto tax experts including CPAs, enrolled agents, forensic accountants, and gain calculation analysts. The company’s crypto experts deliver personalized services to get clients into compliance, develop custom tax strategies, and provide professional representation before the IRS.

CryptoTaxAudit protects its clients with Audit Defense, its flagship membership service. Audit Defense membership was created in response to the growing cost of defense against the virtually unlimited IRS enforcement budget and their growing attention to crypto owners.

Meet the team.

The company brings together the best and brightest in the crypto and tax worlds to create a unique company, CryptoTaxAudit. Team members are located in the United States and throughout the world allowing them to serve our clients no matter where they live.

Sarah DePino

Director of Tax

Sarah is a licensed CPA in the United States. Her team works closely with clients to prepare, optimize, and file complex crypto tax returns with the highest degree of integrity and accuracy.
Ben Weber

Crypto Analytics Manager

Ben is a Certified Management Accountant. His team uses modern technologies to calculate, estimate, and evaluate crypto gains, ensuring accuracy and defensibility in an IRS audit.
Kent Bowen

Client Services Manager

Kent brings years of financial services private client experience. His team provides onboarding, problem resolution, and IRS advocacy, including support of members undergoing IRS audits.

In total, the company has more than 20 experienced crypto, tax, and audit experts to resolve any tax problem, file complex crypto returns, and defend its members in the event of an IRS audit. And, we keep growing.

Introducing Clinton Donnelly.

Clinton Donnelly, LLM, EA, is the president and founder of CryptoTaxAudit. Clinton holds an advanced law degree in international financial planning including taxation and is an enrolled agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner. He also holds a Certified Cryptoasset Anti-Financial Crime Specialist certification awarded by ACAMS, the international anti-money laundering training organization. Clinton is regularly engaged in several ongoing IRS crypto tax audits, often resulting in significant tax refunds for his clients.

Clinton hosts a weekly podcast called The Clinton Donnelly Show where he shares real world strategies, time tested tactics, and expert discussions with influencers about cryptos, taxes, audits, and the regulatory framework that’s evolving around cryptos. He is also a popular guest on various podcasts and is often quoted in the media.

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