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Expert help to defend against an IRS audit

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Help with an Audit

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Expert help to defend against an IRS audit

Gone are the days when filing a tax return was enough to be safe from the IRS.

The IRS Commissioner, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the President, have all committed to Congress to bring audit rates back up to historic levels and beyond for investors and wealthy Americans.

We require all our gain calculation and tax preparation clients to be premium members of IRS Guard Dog simply because it is the most powerful way any digital asset investor can protect themselves from the IRS.

IRS Guard Dog provides a unique proactive monitoring service that watches your IRS account for any audit risks or refund opportunities. The Full membership is tailored for crypto investors and acts like a car insurance policy for all your tax returns. If you are selected for an audit on any of your returns, we defend you at no additional charge through the whole audit, appeals, and through tax court if necessary. We will unleash our forensic accountants on the IRS calculations of your income and gains to get you the best audit results. There is no more affordable way to protect yourself as a trader.

Consider the benefits of the Full membership.

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