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crypto taxes Sep 14, 2023

Explore the world of cryptocurrency taxes through Clinton's insightful interview with Sarah DePino, Tax Director at CryptoTaxAudit. From debunking common misconceptions to offering strategies for effective tax planning, learn to navigate the complexities of crypto taxation while optimizing financial strategies. (TCDS-23)


In the world of cryptocurrency, navigating the complex landscape of taxes can be a daunting task. From misconceptions about reporting to strategies for optimizing tax liabilities, it's essential to have a clear understanding of how crypto transactions impact your tax obligations. In this enlightening interview with Sarah DePino, Tax Director at CryptoTaxAudit, Clinton Donnelly and Sarah dive deep into the nuances of crypto taxes, audits, compliance, and effective strategies.

Meet Sarah DePino, Director of Tax.

Sarah DePino, Tax Director at CryptoTaxAudit, has over 20 years of experience in the accounting industry. Her professional journey led her to the unique realm of cryptocurrency taxes. Clinton reflected on their partnership and how they embraced the challenges of the crypto tax space.

Understanding common misconceptions about crypto taxes.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions regarding cryptocurrency taxes is whether individuals need to report all their transactions, taxable or not. Sarah shed light on this issue, explaining that failing to report transactions can put you at a disadvantage. Even losses should be reported, as they can be valuable for offsetting future gains.

Navigating the digital age of tax reporting.

The digital age has transformed tax reporting, with electronic delivery becoming the norm. Sarah emphasized that this shift introduced new challenges, as taxpayers might overlook electronic documents they receive or ignore them if they get routed to spam folders. She mentioned that CryptoTaxAudit's Audit Defense membership offers a safety net by cross-referencing IRS transcripts with client-provided data to ensure accurate reporting.

Creating effective tax strategies in crypto investing.

For crypto investors aiming to optimize their tax obligations, Sarah offers valuable advice. Good record-keeping is crucial, as every crypto transaction could trigger a taxable event. In addition, Sarah emphasized the importance of understanding different tax calculation methods and exploring options like trader tax status to maximize deductions.

Considering the LLC option for crypto investments.

Some individuals consider creating LLCs for managing their crypto investments. Sarah clarified that, while this could offer liability protection, it doesn't necessarily lead to significant tax savings for individual investors. She encouraged potential investors to evaluate the complexity added by forming an LLC and to seek professional advice before making such a decision.

The value of Audit Defense membership.

Sarah highlighted the advantages of CryptoTaxAudit's Audit Defense membership, which provides access to IRS transcripts and account balances. This proactive approach ensures that all transactions are accounted for, reducing the risk of audit-related issues. Through this membership, taxpayers can maintain accurate records and mitigate the potential for costly audits.

Applying expertise to complex crypto tax scenarios.

Throughout the interview, Sarah's expertise shined through as she discussed various scenarios involving crypto taxes. From staking rewards to unique reporting challenges, Sarah's comprehensive understanding of tax laws and regulations underscores the importance of seeking professional guidance to navigate the complexities of crypto tax reporting.


As the interview concluded, it was clear that Sarah DePino's dedication to accuracy, compliance, and strategic tax planning has made her a vital asset in the world of crypto taxes. With her expertise and the support of CryptoTaxAudit, investors can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency taxation, ensuring compliance while optimizing their financial strategies.

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, understanding your tax obligations is crucial for long-term financial success. Sarah DePino's insights shed light on the complexities of crypto taxes and provided guidance for investors seeking to make informed decisions while staying compliant with tax regulations. Whether you're an experienced crypto trader or just starting out, Sarah's expertise serves as a beacon of clarity in the intricate world of crypto taxation.

The full interview.

View the full interview on The Clinton Donnelly Show.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and perspectives of the author, host, and guests. It should not be construed as U.S. taxpayer advice. There are often multiple interpretations of tax law. Various strategies may be suited to specific individuals and for particular situations. Seek out professional tax, legal, or financial advice from CryptoTaxAudit or from other reputable companies.

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