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crypto analysis Sep 27, 2023

Clinton Donnelly interviews Kent Bowen, Client Services Manager at CryptoTaxAudit, who shares insights into his two-decade career in the financial industry and his crucial role in helping clients navigate the complex world of crypto taxation. Discover how Kent's expertise and proactive approach have uncovered hidden refund opportunities for clients and transformed their tax compliance journeys. (TCDS-25)


If you've ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into managing your crypto taxes or how to handle complex tax situations, Kent Bowen, Client Services Manager at CryptoTaxAudit, is the man with the answers. Join us as we dive into his fascinating journey and the critical role he plays in helping clients navigate the world of crypto taxation.

Who is Kent Bowen?

Kent Bowen, as Client Services Manager, is the mastermind behind CryptoTaxAudit's exceptional customer service. With over four years of experience in the team, Kent brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to assist clients with their unique tax situations.

Kent's background in the financial services industry spans two decades, during which he gained invaluable insights into tax returns and their impact on financial decisions. Additionally, he spent a decade as a business owner in London, which gave him firsthand experience with the complexities of taxes for individuals and businesses, especially for U.S. expatriates.

The art of tax compliance.

Kent emphasizes the importance of understanding each client's unique situation, no matter how challenging or complex it may be. He believes in helping clients move from non-compliance to tax compliance, one step at a time. This approach, he notes, is essential to mitigating penalties and interest, particularly for clients with imperfect tax records.

One striking story Kent shares is how a CryptoTaxAudit member, who hadn't filed taxes for over five years, received invaluable support. By monitoring their account and strategizing, Kent and his team were able to resolve the situation before the IRS initiated an audit. This proactive approach prevented potentially severe consequences for the client.

Discovering hidden refund opportunities.

Another highlight from Kent's experience is identifying hidden refund opportunities for clients. Kent mentions that a significant number of clients have unclaimed refunds or penalties that can be waived using the IRS's "first-time penalty abatement" option. These refunds can range from a few hundred dollars to substantial amounts, such as the impressive $100,000 refund they recently secured for a client.

Kent emphasizes that these opportunities often go unnoticed by taxpayers, making the CryptoTaxAudit team's expertise invaluable. By actively monitoring clients' accounts and initiating the necessary actions, the CryptoTaxAudit team can help clients recover money they didn't even know they were owed.

Client-centric approach.

Kent's unwavering commitment to serving clients shines through in every interaction. He stresses the importance of providing clear, understandable information and support, a stark contrast to the challenges clients often face when dealing directly with the IRS. Kent and his team aim to simplify the complex world of crypto taxes, offering clarity and guidance to ensure clients report their crypto activity correctly.

Closing thoughts.

Clinton delved into Kent Bowen's remarkable journey in the financial industry and his pivotal role as CryptoTaxAudit's Client Services Manager. His dedication to helping people find solutions, whether through penalty abatements, hidden refunds, or expert guidance, underscores the commitment of CryptoTaxAudit to provide top-notch service and support.

We're reminded that taxes don't have to be boring. They can be exciting, especially when you have experts like Kent Bowen and the CryptoTaxAudit team by your side.

The full interview.

View the full interview on The Clinton Donnelly Show.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and perspectives of the author, host, and guests. It should not be construed as U.S. taxpayer advice. There are often multiple interpretations of tax law. Various strategies may be suited to specific individuals and for particular situations. Seek out professional tax, legal, or financial advice from CryptoTaxAudit or from other reputable companies.

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