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A tractor surrounded by Bitcoins in a vast field. A symbol of Tax Loss Harvesting
December 7, 2023
Tax Loss Harvesting Strategies from top Tax Accountants

As the holiday season approaches, it's not just about giving gifts, embarking on memorable travels, or reuniting with distant family members. It's also a crucial time for savvy financial planning, particularly for cryptocurrency investors. The end of the year signals an opportune moment to assess and optimize your crypto tax situation. The phrase 'tax loss harvesting' is likely a familiar term echoing in the minds of many crypto investors. But beyond its repeated mentions, how can you effectively employ this straightforward yet potent strategy to significantly reduce your crypto tax liabilities for the current year? This article delves into the art of tax loss harvesting, demystifying its complexities and guiding you towards a financially smarter year-end.‍

Crypto Taxes
A calculator, hundred dollar bills, and foreign coins stacked with a pen in the foreground.
October 19, 2023
Clinton Donnelly
How to Report Crypto Gains and Losses

Clinton sheds light on how to adeptly navigate the complex terrain of cryptocurrency losses and gains. From understanding the subtleties of unrealized gains to devising tax reduction strategies, this comprehensive guide helps crypto investors to safeguard and optimize their tax benefits. (TCDS-28)

Crypto Taxes
Digital Assets
Internal Revenue Service
October 16, 2023
IRS Crypto Tax Regulations

On August 25, 2023, a significant move was made in the digital asset arena. The U.S. Treasury Department, in collaboration with the IRS, revealed a series of proposed crypto taxes regulations. This new direction is geared towards ensuring American investors and traders, active in crypto transactions, have a clear roadmap for their tax obligations. With these proposals still under deliberation, the Treasury has opened the floor for public input until the end of October, followed by a public hearing scheduled for November 7.

Crypto News
A photo of Ben Weber, Crypto Analytics Manager, at CryptoTaxAudit.
October 12, 2023
Clinton Donnelly
Crypto Tax Crisis: Navigate Gains & Avoid Audits

Clinton introduces us to the intricate world of cryptocurrency taxes with Ben Weber, Crypto Analytics Manager at CryptoTaxAudit. Dive into the nitty-gritty of gain calculations, audit defenses, and the misconceptions about crypto taxes that might be costing you. (TCDS-27)

Crypto Taxes
A photo of a bust of Julius Caesar with a bitcoin gold coin on his chest with more bitcoins flying around in the background.
October 5, 2023
Clinton Donnelly
Biblical Insights on Taxes: Navigating the Modern Landscape with Wisdom

Clinton Donnelly explores the intersection of faith and financial responsibility. By examining the biblical roots of taxation and the obligation to render unto Caesar, he uncovers the enduring relevance of these principles in today's world, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency taxation. (TCDS-26)

Crypto Taxes
A photo of Kent Bowen, Client Services Manager at CryptoTaxAudit, overlaid on a stock chart with a green arrow pointing upwards.
September 28, 2023
Clinton Donnelly
Inside CryptoTaxAudit: Meet Kent Bowen, Client Services Manager

Clinton Donnelly interviews Kent Bowen, Client Services Manager at CryptoTaxAudit, who shares insights into his two-decade career in the financial industry and his crucial role in helping clients navigate the complex world of crypto taxation. Discover how Kent's expertise and proactive approach have uncovered hidden refund opportunities for clients and transformed their tax compliance journeys. (TCDS-25)

Crypto Analysis

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