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Exploring Faith and Finance: A Riveting Dialogue with Jordan Bush.' The text on the image reads: 'Discover Jordan's journey from pastor to Bitcoin advocate, promoting economic stability and integrating faith with finance.' The image features a crumbling tower made of classical columns, symbolizing the instability of traditional finance, with various currencies, coins, and symbols of wealth like piggy banks and dollar bills flying around. At the top of the tower, a golden Bitcoin symbol glows. People and animals are scattered around the base of the tower, some holding signs that say 'SELL,' indicating market turmoil. The image captures the intersection of faith, finance, and modern economic discussions

crypto education Jun 27, 2024

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Jordan Bush, the Executive Director of Thank God for Bitcoin.


The Journey from Uruguay to Bitcoin Advocacy

Jordan Bush's evolution from a pastor and missionary to a leader in the Bitcoin community encapsulates his dedication after witnessing firsthand the financial instability in Latin America and Africa.


Witnessing Economic Turmoil

Jordan's experiences across these regions emphasized how currency devaluation wreaked havoc, pushing him towards the Thank God For Bitcoin initiative to advocate for economic stability through Bitcoin.


A New Chapter in the U.S.

After returning to the U.S., Jordan's Miami Bitcoin conference garnered substantial support, marking the beginning of a full-time commitment to educating Christians about Bitcoin’s values.


Milestones Achieved in 2022

Jordan's involvement with a Bitcoin-focused non-profit took him to Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador and initiated educational tours in Zambia and Kenya. These tours showcased the global impact of Bitcoin through faith-based initiatives.


Overcoming Skepticism

Jordan notes that price volatility and misconceptions are significant hurdles in the Christian community's acceptance of Bitcoin, yet emphasizes a Biblical approach to understanding cryptocurrency's stability and transparency.


Thank God For Bitcoin Conference

The upcoming conference Thank God For Bitcoin in Nashville on July 24th and 25th aims to integrate Christian economic principles with Bitcoin knowledge.


Reflecting on Bitcoin and Faith

Jordan’s efforts to integrate faith with finance promote a Biblically-informed perspective on investment, outlining a pathway for economic justice and stewardship. Watch to the full interview now!

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