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bitcoin taxes crypto tax video Apr 26, 2023

Learn how to make yourself less likely to be audited by the IRS by filing the proper forms and filing your crypto taxes properly.

The Joe Robert show.

Tune in to hear what Clinton Donnelly has to say on The Joe Robert Show that can save both you and your investments from the IRS.

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Are you filling out the required tax information?

Most Americans are not doing it right, and this is making many people more susceptible to being audited. Find out several ways to make yourself less likely to be contacted by the IRS — and audited — for your crypto investments by filing the proper forms and checking a very important box on your tax returns.

Clinton Donnelly provides answers.

Clinton Donnelly, president and founder of CryptoTaxAudit, solves complex U.S. tax problems for U.S. taxpayers, living within the United States and abroad, focused on helping crypto traders. Tune in to hear what Clinton has to say that can save you and your investments.

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About The Joe Robert Show.

The Joe Robert Show is where you can learn how to grow and preserve your wealth. They achieve this by interviewing investors, fund managers, tax professionals, and other industry leaders. Their goal is to give you insights into investments outside of Wall Street and teach you the ways that are changing the lives of entrepreneurs and investors around the world. These strategies will allow you to manage your own portfolio of assets and leave a family legacy.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and perspectives of the author, host, and guests. It should not be construed as U.S. taxpayer advice. There are often multiple interpretations of tax law. Various strategies may be suited to specific individuals and for particular situations. Seek out professional tax, legal, or financial advice from CryptoTaxAudit or from other reputable companies.

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